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Our Pricing is Very Simple…$1 Per Day Per User Whether You are a solo Practitioner Or a Member Of a Large Firm, Our Pricing Doesn’t Change.

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Complete Practice Made Perfect Case Management System for just $1 a Day Per User

Organize and Keep Track of Unlimited Number of Cases
Customer Relation Management (CRM) for Your Contacts and Clients
Secure Client Portal Accessible From Anywhere
Comprehensive Billing Center
Attached Multiple Documents
Access to ALL Future Upgrades for Free
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$ 1 15 Days Risk Free Trial
Law Firm CRM

Whether you are a solo practitioner or a member of a large firm, our system seamlessly organizes ALL your cases, clients, contacts.

Full Case Management

Manage all of your cases and contacts anywhere, anytime. Whether you are at the office, in court or at home your data is conveniently at your fingertips.

Billing Center

Simple timekeeping,Flexible invoicing,Payment tracking

Upload Documents

MS Word Plugin ,Correspondence,


Full Firm Access ,Emails ,Calendars ,Documents / Templates,Mobile APP

Client Communication

Secure Client Portal,Easy Access From Anywhere,The Ability To Choose What Documents or Notes To Share


Securely Access Information Remotely,Daily Backups

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I communicate with my clients?

Yes. Our system allows you to communicate directly with any of your clients via our client portal. You can send quick notes, attach documents back and forth and all that communication is attached to their case for review at an time.

Can I delete a case?

We make it hard to “delete” a case. You can close a case and it goes to Closed Files/Archived section. From there you can still review everything it is just not in your “active” case list. Even if you deleted it from there, it will reside in your recycle bin.

Can I have multiple users and roles in my firm?

Absolutely. You or someone in your firm will be assigned system administrator. They can set all the roles in settings for other attorneys, associates, office manager, interns, etc… The administrator can limit who sees what. We designed it so attorneys can see their firm’s clients, cases and collaborate or add notes. But it is also designed to limit roles access as well.

If I stop paying can I get my data?

All the data you enter into our system is your data. We just make it easy for you to use and access from anywhere. If you stop using our services, you can download and retrieve your data for a period of time. After that, you would need to contact us.

Practice Made Perfect

Case Management System Quick Q&A

1. Is my data backed up?

Yes instantly.

2. Do you have a Client Portal?


3. Can I access my client’s information from home?

Yes and from work, court and vacation.

4. Can the client view notes, documents and invoices via the portal?


5.Can I attach research to a case?

Yes – plus correspondence, pleadings, pictures, etc…

6. Can I use my current firm email?


7. Can I charge different rates for different cases?

Yes – plus flat fee, pro bono, hourly, etc…

8. How much does it cost?

$1 a day or $30 a month.

9. Can I see my Firm’s activity for the month?

Yes By week, month, quarter and year.

10. Can I add multiple time entries quickly?

Yes. Per case or multiple different cases.

11. Can I track multiple court dates for a case?


12. Can I upload my contacts?

Yes – google, outlook, etc…

13. Do you have an APP?

Yes for Android (Click Here), iOS (Click Here).

14. Where is your Privacy Policy?

Click Here.

15. Can I cancel at any time?

Yes (Click Here).

16.Do you have a demo?

Yes (Click Here).

17.Do you have customer support?

Yes (Click Here).

18.Do I have to sign a long term contract?


Brief Overview

How to Add a Case?

Faq Didn’t Help? Feel Free to ask us Anything Before Purchasing Here.