Our Story

“This Doesn’t Have To Be So Complicated.”

With those 7 words a couple of prosecutors set out to make practice of law easier, faster and more reliable.


15 years and 5000 satisfied law firms later…

We present The Practice Made Perfect Case Management System


Message From The President

I am an information technology solution provider. Professionally, that’s what I have always been. So when 2 young prosecutors approached me to design and develop a system to organize cases, as well as communicate with courts, I was all in. I spent the next year putting together an easy, reliable program that lawyers could use anytime, anywhere. When we released our system to the public in 2004, it took off like wildfire by word of mouth.


“Before I knew it, hundreds of law firms were using my system and the feedback was overwhelming. Now, with over 5000 law firms signed up, our goal is to continue to provide the legal community with new and exciting ways to organize, maintain and store all aspects of their practice. I am humbled so many attorneys and firms have entrusted their professional operations to my system. This is an enormous responsibility that I take very seriously. On behalf of my staff and myself I want to thank you for allowing us to help make your practice perfect.”

Roger Klein, 2017

Ease And Organization.

The Core Focus Of The Practice Made Perfect Case Management System.


Our Mission

For over a decade our mission is simple – To provide law firms (big and small) easy, secure and reliable solutions that enhance their day-to-day practice. It has been our mission since day 1 to help make your practice perfect!


Our History

In 2003, a couple municipal prosecutors concluded there has to be an easier way to practice law, exchange information and stay organized. So over cocktails following a regional legal seminar, they set out to design and develop a way to simply make life easier for practicing attorneys. The first iteration was called The Municipal Project. TMP allowed attorneys to enter their appearance and request recommendations directly with participating courts.

No stamps, no paperwork and no hassle. After rave reviews from customer law firms who were now using the system to manage cases, we decided to change the name to LawSourceLive. LawSourceLive, utilized by over 5000 law firms, has improved and enhanced its system over the years to what is now known as The Practice Made Perfect Case Management System powered by LawSourceLive.

Our Team

Since 2004 LawSourceLive has been a trusted partner to thousands of legal professionals.

We hope you will put your trust in us and help make your practice perfect. Please take the risk free 15 day trial. Let our team show you why you don’t need to be paying more than $1 a day for a case management system.
Stop paying for all the things you don’t need!
Lets keep it simple!