Cases Tutorial

Below you will find a start to finish tutorial covering everything you will need to know regarding cases in CRMTiger. Jump to the topic of interest by clicking on a title in the index below.

How to create cases:

1) Click on “Add Case” button to create new case.

2) Some field display depends on Select “Type of Contact”.

2.1) If you select Individual then it displays Client “Primary Contact” field.

2.2) If you select Company/Govt. then it displays “Primary Contact” and “Company” fields.

3) You can also select your existing contact in a “Primary Contact” field.

3.1) If you select your existing contact in a “Primary Contact” field then “Client Primary Email” and “Primary Phone” fields auto-fill the detail of the particular contact.

4) After Fill up detail for “Company or Individual?” You should fill detail for “Case Information”.

5) In Case of information When you start to enter in “Style of Cases” field hover display for case exists with the similar name.

6) After filling up “Case Information” you should move to “Payment Information”.

7) When you select “Firm Member” without selecting a “Practice Area” it shows default “Rate” per hour of a firm member.

8) When you select a “Practice Area” after then you select “Firm Member” It shows a “Rate” of per hour according to the “Practice Area”.

9) When you select “Flat Fee” for “Payment Arrangement Details” it takes fix rate of your case from you.

10) You can see the “Detail” Page after save all the information.

How to Search Cases:

1) You can “Search” your old cases with the help of “Search” functionality in cases module.

How to Perform Actions:

1) You can “Edit” multiple case details at a time with the help of “Action” functionality.

2) You can “Delete” multiple case detail at a time with the help of “Action” functionality.

3) You can move your multiple cases “Closed Files/Archives” module with the help of “Action” functionality.

4) You can “Import” case detail from your computer.

5) You can “Export” the case detail with the help of this Action functionality.

6) You can “Find Duplicate” case detail from your active case detail with the help of “Action” functionality.